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Original Bully® is a Premium Fashion and Accessory Line designed to cater to Bully Breed Advocates, Owners and Enthusiasts who wish to make a social statement and express their passion for Bully Breed dogs!

Our motto is "In Bully We Trust" and our mission at Original Bully® is to bring Bully Breeds, of all kinds, to the mainstream fashion market, representing them through quality designs and lifestyle apparel that may be worn in any setting. We strive to honor and respect our favorite breeds, in only the best ways, and our styles and designs will always accentuate positive breed qualities and character traits, and will never misrepresent the breed or contribute to negative stereotypes by portraying aggressive behaviors or scenarios.

Additionally, a portion of the proceeds of every Original Bully® sale are donated quarterly to approved non-profit organizations focusing on solving problems that affect Bully Breeds. To nominate an organization, or to apply for our Donation Program, please visit our Donation Program page or email us at [email protected]

At no point does Original Bully® condone activities endangering animals, including (but not limited to) dog-fighting, improper breeding practices, poor living conditions or any other environment deemed unhealthy.  We encourage you to contact local authorities and your local rescue if, at any point, you encounter an abusive or cruel situation involving an animal.


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